Restorative Dentistry

If you hide your smile because of cracked, decayed, missing, or otherwise damaged teeth, we’d love to tell you how esthetic restorative dentistry can help you reclaim a strong, healthy smile. You might think that your teeth have been damaged beyond repair, but at Richter Dental, even patients who are in need of extensive restorative work will find success with our full-mouth reconstruction services.

If your smile is missing teeth, we may recommend dental implants. We select only the highest quality materials for your dental restorations, and never place amalgam fillings or crowns that look dark and break down over time. Using dental implants, we can renew both your mouth and your self-esteem. You deserve to smile with confidence. Contact us to discover how we can make that happen.

Explore Restorative Dentistry In-Depth:

Before & After Patient Stories

Meet Tiffani

She is a young woman who is a manager of Veteran Support Services."I have always been unhappy with my smile due to over crowding and wanted to boost my confidence. The orthodontic work coupled with bonding perfected my smile! I’m no longer covering my mouth when I talk or laugh. I have confidence to smile fully and that has impacted my life in ways I can’t even describe. Thank you so much! "

Meet Elizabeth

She’s a retired pharmacy tech with a new outlook on life. Elizabeth had several loose teeth and mouth pain, had trouble eating and stopped smiling. With her new dentures she is a new woman. You can see how her teeth beautifully supports her mouth. "My life has changed dramatically! I feel whole again and can smile like I used to! Thank you so much to Dr. Richter and staff. I feel young again!"

Meet Marita

She is a clerical worker. "My teeth were in pretty bad shape and my bite was off. I wanted to smile in family pictures again. I am a lot more confident these days and am going out a lot more! Who knows, maybe I just might meet 'Mr. Right.' Thank you so much, Dr. Richter, for giving me my smile back! I am truly indebted to you!"

Meet Mike

He is a retired union carpenter. "Dr. Richter's dentures fit perfect! The bite is right. I am able to chew food properly; smile is great! I am able to enjoy my meals without pain or discomfort. Dr. Richter went above and beyond making sure the fit and the lab was correct to achieve the final goal of proper fit and smile. THANK YOU! I will recommend Dr. Richter and his staff to anyone having this procedure!"

Meet Sylvia

She is a health care professional who was a candidate for 6 crowns. After seeing her before and after photos she commented, “Seriously? I looked like that? I am now so proud of my smile. (The look of) my front teeth was pretty good motivation to get treatment done!”